Buy 2, Get 1 FREE!

Walgreens is having a SALE!! on Shea Moisture products. So I decided to go in there and spend some money that I didn’t have lol (we’ve all been there). For the longest I wanted to try their skin care line so I decided last Saturday would be that day. I purchased the Fruit Fusion Coconut Water (w/ Imbe Oil & Aloe) Energizing Bubble Bath, Shower Gel; Body Lotion; Bath, Body, & Massage Oil. Yes that’s a mouth full but I basically got 3 products lol. They all smell sooooo good and feel very light weight, especially the oil! I have been using all 3 products for almost a week now. Maybe Sunday I can do a bubble bath and lay fresh sheets on my bed that will definitely keep me knocked out all night long.

If feels good to just relax and do some body maintenance on your skin, hair, & nails! I will keep you all updated on this product to make sure I don’t experience any breakouts.

Go out and get yours! SALE ends July 29th!   


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  1. I live their products until my cousin like scolded me. She told me that who ever manufacture their products don’t support black people using it and when they came it with their fist ever commercial they had a white girl as the face of the product lol. Even through when you go to Walmart it’s label ethnic hair care lol

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